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Monday - Saturday
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
606 S. Weller St.
Seattle, WA 98104
T (206) 382-9888

Tropics Thai Restaurant (Seattle, WA)
(206) 382-9888
Please indicate your choice of meat or tofu. For prawns or scallops, add $3. For seafood, add $4.

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Be Wild Basil  Rate/Review
Basil, scallion, onion, carrot, red bell.
Black Pepper Beef  Rate/Review
Bell pepper, carrots, mushrooms, and scallion.
Eggplant Delight  Rate/Review
Lightly steamed eggplant with bell pepper, sliced green onion, chili paste, and a touch of wine.
Garlic Garlic  Rate/Review
Los of fresh garlic, served on a bed of fresh tender vegetables.
Giggling Ginger  Rate/Review
Fresh sliced ginger, stir-fried with red bell, fungus, onion, and carrot.
Golden Cashew  Rate/Review
Mushroom, bell pepper, carrot, cashew nuts, and house special sauce.
Mixed Vegetables  Rate/Review
Green beans, eggplant, red bell cabbage, carrots, celery, mushroom, and broccoli.
Phad Ped Combo  Rate/Review
Chicken, pork, beef, fresh vegetables.
Princess Favorites (Sweet & Sour)  Rate/Review
Pinapple chunks, tomatoes, cucumber, mushroom, scallion, and onion.
Seven Flavor Beef  Rate/Review
Lemon grass, basil, and peanuts.
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